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LIVE Pay-Per-View (PPV) FAQ's

Q1 = Wait! The money you say I can make isn't adding up!? What Gives? You trying to rip us off?
A1 = No. The profits that are listed are estimated profits after expenses. The PPV backbone cost is 10% plus$0.40 per transaction. Obviously, this is a variable cost which we split with you at 50/50%. For example, at $10 a ticket the cost would be $1.00 plus $0.40 per transaction or $1.40 per ticket. That's a net of $8.60 per ticket of profit after the PPV backbone cost. Everything will be written out and signed off on BEFORE we even get to the broadcast. That way everyone will be on the up and up. There is also a paper trail and all receipts will be shown.

Q2 = What other cost are involved?
A2 = After the cost of the PPV backbone is deducted, the only other cost that you will be responsible for is state sales tax. This is no out of pocket cost as the money can be deducted from your portion of the profits. If you choose to pay your own sales tax, you'll need a sales and use tax permit from the Comptroller of Texas. If you do not have a sales tax permit, we can pay the tax for you and deduct it from your portion of the profits. Tax is 8.25% of the TOTAL ticket sales, not on profit.

Q3 = Is there anything else I have to worry about or pay?
A3 = Yes. Advertising and promoting (A&P) you event will be your primary expense that could be out of pocket depending on how much, if any you want to spend. Most A&P will consist of social media and word of mouth but there are other ways such as Google Adwords. You must promote your event, otherwise people will not know it's being shown on the Internet. The more people who know, the more tickets you will sell and the more money you will make!

Q4 = A 50/50% profit split! What are you doing for your 50% of the profits!?
A4 = Forever Video Productions is providing nearly $250,000 worth of broadcast HD television production equipment plus Internet streaming gear, audio, lighting, crew, 4G LTE air time, PPV backbone, Video server Time, payroll for crew, insurance, parking permits, and possible extra advertising on Google Adwords and Youtube Video Ads. For us, it's not all free money, we have a lot of overhead and expenses too.

Q5 = How many people can watch our broadcast? Is there any limit?
A5 = Millions! WorldWide! There is NO limit to the number of people who can purchase a ticket and watch. From anywhere in the world. That basically gives you millions if not billions of people who might pay to watch your event.

Q6 = How do people watch the broadcast? Can they watch from other than their computers?
A6 = People can watch the broadcast from ANY internet enabled device! Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, TVs, and gaming consoles all have the ability to receive the broadcast! As of 2010, Google estimated that there were more than 35 Billion internet enabled devices in the world. About six devices per person in the world.

Q7 = You mentioned HD quality. What does that mean?
A7 = All broadcast (Internet streaming) we do is in 1280x720P HD at 1Mbps upload. What's that actually mean? True 720P HD in television quality to any Internet enabled device! It's just like watching television at home.

Q8 = One thousand viewers, 5,000 viewers, 10,000 viewers, how are we suppose to get that many people to buy a ticket!
A8 = Well, there are no guarantees in life, but like stated earlier, there are an estimated 35 Billion Internet enabled devices worldwide as of 2010 according to Google Answers. So, with social media and some basic advertising via Google Adwords or similar, you could reach millions of people or more that are interested in your event.

Q9 = Are there any other ways to make money from the broadcast?
A9 = Yes there are! Contact us for additional ways to monetize your broadcast.

Q10 = I still have questions. Who do I contact for more information?
A10 = Contact us via email at
or via phone at 512 - 914 - 3504. Consultations are always free!
We're here to help you make your next video event a success.