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Austin, Texas
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LIVE Band Concert Broadcasting

Do you have a band?

Want to make a little extra money on that concert your doing?

Do you want to make FREE MONEY!

Get more people to attend your shows!

Why not broadcast your next concert LIVE to the world! Forever Video Productions has been a leader in Internet streaming since 2009 and we have the technology, staff, crew, and experience to bring you a truly television network quality broadcast.

We use state-of-the-art HD equipment, all designed to bring the best quality video and audio to your broadcast.

How can you make money? By offering your concert as a Pay-Per-View(PPV) event. For example, say you charge $10 for a two hour concert event, With 1000 people signing in to watch your event, after cost your take home pay would be $4,300. If you had 5000 viewers, you'd end up taking home $21,500! And, that's basically all FREE MONEY!

Free money you ask. How can anyone give away free money? No one gives anything away for free. You're right. It's not totally free. We end up spitting the profits after the PPV backbone cost with you. One is that we ask that you promote and advertise your own concert. No one's going to know they can watch unless they know it's available. Two is that we split the cost of the PPV backbone.

What do we do? We'll come in and set up three or more HD television broadcast quality cameras with operators, Technical director and television switcher, Graphics Director to operate the graphics, Audio Engineer if needed, and all the other equipment to broadcast to the Internet, plus the PPV and video backbone hosting and everything in between. We can make your band money and let us show you and help you move into the 21st century.

Contact us at or call at (512) 914 -3504

See our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.